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Tiki Bar

Fong's Pizza

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Fong's Pizza opened in January 2009 as a partnership between Jeff Bruning (part owner of several other Des Moines bars) and Gwen Schlepphorst. Bruning had dreams of opening a tiki bar, Schlepphorst had dreams of opening a late-night pizza joint. Fong's Pizza took over a space vacated by King Ying Low, a Chinese restaurant that had operated for over one hundred years.

Fong's is a funky mix of Chinese, Polynesian and uniquely American touches. Tiki drinks are served in tiki mugs from Tiki Farm (when secured with an appropriate deposit). Pizza is available by the slice until well past midnight; during lunch and dinner service a wider menu is available with some traditional Chinese and Polynesian offerings.

Three more Fong's locations followed after this first one, starting in 2015, but the expansion did not last and each of the three closed shop until only the original remained by 2023.

The second location in the District at Prairie Trail in Ankeny opened 2015 and closed in 2023, a third location in Cedar Rapids NewBo entertainment district opened in 2018 and closed in 2022, and a fourth location in Des Moines on Forest Avenue opened in 2019 and closed in 2021.

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