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Dorothy - First Edition - Light Blue - by Pete Klockau and One Hundred 80 Degrees - for the Black Lagoon Room and At Random

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From The Black Lagoon Room:

"Well known across the Midwest for their absolutely delicious ice cream drinks (that cocktail genre being a certified Wisconsin staple) At Random is a local must-visit rite of passage, and a gateway to a different time. Rat Pack on the stereo, a hand-crafted cocktail confection in front of you shared with the one you love, sunken into the rich, cozy avocado green Naugahyde booths and with just the perfect dim, romantic amber lighting, a visit to At Random is an experience unlike any other.

The centerpiece of the lounge area in the bar is 'Dorothy,' an interesting local artifact in and of herself. When we were asked to design the bar's VERY FIRST sculpted mug, we could think of no better subject than this iconic statue. The mug depicts Dorothy against a natural rock wall with exotic tropical plants around the base. The reverse features the bar's logo, location, and established date."

This first edition in Light Blue was followed by a second edition in "Fiesta Orange" (Deep Orange).