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Cro-Mag Cruiser - by Derek Yaniger - for Tiki Farm

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From Tiki Farm:

"Be sure watch Cro-Mag Cruiser race against Trip Finkley on Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour! Animations by Tank Standing Buffalo! Learn how to make a new cocktail and see who wins the race! All at the same time! Good times!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Tiki Farm is pleased to announce the official world premier of our newest addition to our beloved Liquid Lowbrow line of 'Gassers & Cruisers', done-up super-Finky style for y’all by our ol’ pal Derek Yaniger!

We proudly present to you, straight out of the Stone Age... 'CRO-MAG CRUISER'!! Yes indeed, well before the first-ever Tiki Bar and well before a helluva lotta anything in between, lead-footed fellers like Cro-Mag ruled the planet and wreaked havoc in their paths!

He’s killin’ a couple of birds here folks, chompin’ down on a big ol’ 'Progura Gallinacea' (pre-historic Turkey... those suckers stood over 4’ in height) leg, while makin’ some good time in getting to his nearby local watering cave in his Dino-powered Coupe!

Finished off in multiple matte tones in the classic-Yaniger retro-palette, Cro-Mag finishes off at 6 3/8 inches in height and holds 16 oz of... fermented, funkadelic, fungi-infused Firewater! The Cro-Magnon equivalent to the modern, classic Mai Tai!"