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Swizzle Stick Design

Hula Girls, The, Rockabilly/Tiki Band - Green / Black

aka Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour Hula Girl Swizzle in 8 collections

This swizzle was released to celebrate the remodeling and grand re-opening of Spike's Breezeway in 2023. Spike's Breezeway is where vidoes are recorded for the Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour channel on YouTube.

The swizzle features a topless sitting hula girl at the top, designed to rest on the edge of a glass and look like she is sitting on the glass. The bottom features a Papua New Guinea Mask design popularized by Oceanic Arts and featured notably on the wall of the Breezeway.

It was produced in 4 color-ways: Tangerine Orange, Fresh Mint, Flamingo Pink, and Lagoon Blue. Released in packs of 8, with 2 of each color. This is the "Flamingo Pink" version.

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