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Tiki Mug Design

Da U'u Warclub Mug - by Motu Mikey

aka Marquesan Warclub Mug - by Motu Mikey in 1 collection

Designed & Sculpted by Motu Mikey

Inspired by the Marquesan U’u

Initial Release: January 31st, 2022

Edition of 150

Medium: Cone 6 Stoneware

One of the most striking and unique pieces of oceanic art is the U'u War Club. These clubs were the weapons of the 'Toa', the Henata warriors. Each U'u was cut to its owner's height. They were carved from pacific ironwood (also called 'Toa') and buried in the muddy taro fields for weeks. Coconut oil was used to polish the clubs smooth which gave the weapon a beautiful finish. However, they were not ceremonial, nor ornamental. They were used to kill.

*This design was also released in a Halloween micro edition (ivory with skulls) and a Custom Painted edition.

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