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Don the Beachcomber Mug Modern Short Neck Brown

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This mug is the bust of a shorter-necked man wearing a hat. The mug is intended to be a likeness of Donn Beach, founder of Don the Beachcomber. Brown glaze with "Don the Beachcombers" in recessed letters around front of base. Open edition.

*These were originally ordered by Art Snyder at Don the Beachcomber's in Huntington Beach but when delivered, he refused the shipment because they were not what he thought he was ordering when he wanted a new version of the old vintage Don head mug. He had intended to get a version of the "Long Necked Don" made by Vermonde, but this was based off the "short necked/fat Don" made by Daga. So, Tiki Farm retained both color-ways of this short neck design and sold them directly to customers. Later, Crazy Al borrowed Tom Morgan (Trader Tom's) green glazed Vermonde "Long Necked Don" to see the hat specifically while he sculpted a new version which Don's did carry at their location when completed.

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