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Tiki Bar

The Tilted Tiki

Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

The Tilted Tiki was opened in November 2016 by Chris and Patti Goetzke in downtown Stillwater, Minnesota, just east of Minneapolis -- in the historic Grand Garage building.

The Grand Garage was built in 1882 and later renovated in 1924. The beautiful, historic building ushers you into downtown Stillwater. It was originally The Chicago House, then occupied by Stillwater Motor Company and converted to its current use in 1970. A number of different shops, restaurants, and even a salon, call the Grand Garage home.

Its location in the Grand Garage makes the Tilted Tiki's decor an unusual blend of tropical thatching and lauhala and more traditional wooden trim and stained glass accents.

They serve a selection of tropical drinks, and small plates of food.