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Tiki Mug Design

The Bali Hai Roof Goof in Matte Glaze with Gold Tooth

aka Primitive Goof Mug Matte with Gold Tooth in 57 collections

Whereas the earlier Tiki Farm Goof Mug design was based on the artwork on the matchbook from Christian's Hut in Corona Del Mar, this more primitive-looking version is designed to resemble the actual Goof on the roof of the Bali Hai. The mug is shaped like a man's head with pointed teeth. He is grinning and wearing a tall headpiece that flares at the top. His hat, teeth and earrings are white, and his right eye and hat have red accents. This is the second version of the Primitive Goof and is an open edition to be sold at the Bali Hai restaurant. It differs from the previous version with its matte glaze and the addition of a gold tooth.