Lost Lei El Diablo Mug

a.k.a. The Lost Lei Fijian Mermaid Mug


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Lost Lei El Diablo Mug a.k.a. The Lost Lei Fijian Mermaid Mug - in 2 collections

Issued in a wipe turquoise glaze. Marked "The Lost Lei Austin" with their logo. This is a mug shaped like a Fijian Mermaid sideshow gaffe. The Fijian mermaid (also Fiji or Feejee mermaid) was an object comprising the torso and head of a juvenile monkey sewn to the back half of a fish. It was a common feature of sideshows, where it was presented as the mummified body of a creature that was supposedly half mammal and half fish.

This mug design is an unauthorized use of the original design which was designed by THOR and produced by Tiki Farm in 2014 for Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago, IL.
The face was changed for The Lost Lei, and, among other things, they gave the figure small eyeballs instead of cavernous skull eye sockets. Despite this, the source of the design was still unmistakable. Due to overwhelming criticism at the blatant unauthorized use of design work from Three Dots and a Dash, The Lost Lei pulled these mugs from shelves and discontinued their use at the bar. They were not destroyed, however, and continue to be sold on the secondary market through eBay and other venues.

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27 Nov 2020
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27 Nov 2020
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