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Gremlins Tiki Mug Brown by MONDO

aka. Gremlins Alamo Draft House Mug, Stripe Mug Brown

Tiki Mug Design

Gremlins Tiki Mug Brown by MONDO

aka Gremlins Alamo Draft House Mug, Stripe Mug Brown in 28 collections

Gremlins is a 1984 American comedy horror film directed by Joe Dante and released by Warner Bros. The film is about a young man who receives a strange creature called a "Mogwai" as a pet, which then spawns other creatures (gremlins) who transform into small, destructive, evil monsters. The best known of these more destructive versions is a gremlin named Stripe, who served as the model for this mug. Designed by artist Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Ramirez Studios. Manufactured by Mondo, which is known for their screen printed posters and other collectibles. The brown glaze version was available for sale only at Alamo Draft House locations in and around Austin, Texas, during the December 6th showing of Gremlins (admission with mug was $37). Mondo produced this design in a few other color-ways as well (a Green general release unlimited version, the "Candy Cane" version limited to 250 pieces, and the greenish brown "Microwave Melt" version limited to 100 pieces) only available on their website. This Gremlins mug is their first design of an intended line of pop culture influenced Tiki Mugs under the banner of Mondo Tee-Kis.

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