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Still heartbroken that The Tiki Hideaway did not make it. Went here many times while they were open in 2017. Mike was a great host and had created a little slice of Paradise here in Charlotte NC. Near the end I helped a little with the website and I have it archived here: http://thetikihideaway.thewares.net

Tiki Bar

The Tiki Hideaway

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Closed)

The Tiki Hideaway was opened by owner Mike Barrea in December 2014 in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte. The mid-century modern tinged space had a thatched overhang surrounding the bar, and a paneled relief back wall with stylized tapa designs and a Marquesan-esque face. Behind the bar was a towering Moai, housing the upper end of the bar's rum selection. The room was ringed with back-lit graphic tropical scenes. Orange vinyl seating contrasted nicely against the organic textures in the room. There was a small patio of outdoor seating.

The drink menu was a small, focused list of classic tropical cocktails, and there was a selection of higher-end sipping rums available. The food menu was in the form of small plate selections, and a few desserts.

After nearly a year in business, Tiki Hideaway closed in early November 2015.

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