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Tiki Mug Design

Ambassadors of Enjoyment Tiki Mug - in Roast Edition - Light Brownish-Orange/Dark Amber - by Ayahuazca Tiki Mugs - for Rum Depot

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From Rum Depot Berlin:

"The Rum Depot | Ambassadors of Enjoyment is a private group of connoisseurs of the fine sugar cane distillate organized via Facebook. In this group we discuss developments in the rum industry, try old and new bottlings and exchange ideas about events and tastings.

This unique tiki mug was created specifically for this group. For this reason, we have consciously decided not to use 'off-the-shelf mugs' that are mass-produced in low-wage countries. Our Ambassadors of Enjoyment Tiki Mugs are made entirely by hand in Germany, more precisely in Munich, by the company Ayahuazca Tiki Mugs. A new, creative and innovative project by Carlos Miguel Lopez Pazmiño with the participation of many artists and artisans of Latin American ceramics. Since it is handmade, no two mugs are the same. Deviations in the color tone/color intensity or the color gradient are not errors but evidence of genuine handwork! The cup holds around 400 ml and is food safe."

Available in the following color-ways: "Roast" (light brownish-orange), "Volcan" (red), "Jungle" (green), and "Desert" (tan/beige).

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