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Distinguishing Characteristics

Later version of Tiki Fever Mug. Made for sale in the Tiki Boutique at Kon Tiki Village. Many different colors to buy. You can also get the a plate that fits to your mug as shown here.

Collector Gallery

Tiki Mug Design

Tiki Pop Fever I Mug

aka Tiki Pop Fever 2015 Mug in 3 collections

This is a mug shaped like a Marquesan head with wide nostrils and a large closed grin baring rows of square teeth that wrap around to the sides. Top rim has a traditional v-shaped pattern. This first ever Tiki Pop Fever mug was both designed and manufactured by Bai Tiki for the first ever Tiki Pop Fever event (June 26-28, 2015 at Kon Tiki Village in San Tropez, France).

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