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    Tonga Room Double Coconut Mug

    This coconut mug is made of two coconut halves, the bottom one face down, and the top one face up to create the cup. Brown exterior and white interior, marked "Tonga Room", "Fairmont Hotel" and "San Francisco" in black on side.

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    Tiki Bob's Maori Mug

    This tiki mug was used at Tiki Bob's in San Francisco, and is marked as such in black inside a yellow lei on the back of the mug. The mug is honey brown, and shaped like a Maori tiki, with round eyes painted pale blue, a red painted tongue, and black details.

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    Donn The Beachcomber Moai Mug – Beachcomber’s Gold Edition - by SHAG – for the Donn of Tiki Kickstarter

    This is a tall stylized moai mug designed to resemble Donn the Beachcomber with his signature hat and pencil thin mustache. It is glazed in yellow with the exception of a white and red flower blossom behind his right ear.

    From the Donn of Tiki Documentary film Kickstarter:

    "Pledge US $250 or more

    Shag Mug (Beachcomber's Gold Glaze)

    According to Donn, 'Beachcomber's Gold' was Marlene Dietrich's favorite of all his cocktails. In honor of Ms. Dietrich we're creating a special gold glaze for these 250 mugs.

    With this tier, you can own this limited edition (only 250 produced) Donn Beach mug with certificate of authenticity, designed by Shag, produced by Tiki Farm."

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    Trader Vic's Pirate Head Mug

    This small mug is shaped like a pirate's head. The pirate is wearing a red head scarf and a black eye patch, with a silver and black blade in his mouth. Black hair at the back forms a handle. Bottom has convex shape, marked "Imported by Trader Vic".

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    Hilton Hawaiian Village Hula Girl Mug

    This mug shaped like a hula girl was manufactured in 1978 by R. Fujiwara for Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, HI. She is wearing a bikini and a grass skirt and has her hand on her head.

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    Volcano Mug - Turquoise Blue & Orange - by Mookie Sato - for Stowaway Tiki

    This volcano-shaped lo-ball mug features a wrap-around scene of Moai paddlers in a canoe, waves, a palm tree, and a wahine with flowers. Glazed in turquoise blue/cyan with orange lava dripping down from the lip.

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    Swag Lamp Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti

    This is a mug designed to look like one of the swag lamps made by Anders Anderson (A-Frame) for the Tiki-Ti.

    Each of the swag lamps consists of a Chinese style woven hat on top, alternating panels of tapa cloth and bamboo circles with resin, and natural fibers used to lash the pieces together.

    This mug and a second mug design by THOR, the Ray Buhen Mug, were both released on May 29th, 2022. 500 of each design were on hand for release day with remainders to be sold online and on premises at a later date.

    All mugs included a mini pendant version of the mug and a Tiki-Ti branded bamboo straw.

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    Kelbo's Smiley Mug

    This "smiley" mug is similar to a mug also found from the Islander in Stockton. The design is of a grinning head, the teeth are in two large, even rows. Brown glaze, with white and black painted eyes, and white & black painted dirty teeth. Concave bottom. Another version from Kelbo's is slightly taller, more slender, and has no lid.

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    Tall Serene Face Asian-Themed Mug Brown

    This tall brown mug has a serene face toward the bottom and intricate markings all the way up the remainder of the mug. Similar to the design used at the Hawaiian Inn in Florida, this version has slightly boxy ears protruding from the sides of the head. The tall version came with a wooden stand originally and was made in more than one glaze color.

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    Serene Face Asian-Themed Hibachi a.k.a. Rossini Tiki Hibachi

    This hibachi has a serene face on the top half and intricate marking on the bottom half. Brass hooped earrings. Includes charcoal cup and cast iron grid.

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    Steve Crane Tongue Tiki Mug

    This mug was created for the Steve Crane restaurants by Gabe Florian. The mug is off-white, brown, blue and orange-brown, with a pink tongue sticking out. Mug is shaped like a rounded head, eyes are bright blue. Handle on back.

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    Tonga Room Earring Head Mug

    This mug is shaped like a rather asexual looking head with a serene, closed-eyed face and an ornamental collar. The head is shaped like a "V", and has two jug handle-like ears with large white-painted hoop earrings. Marked "Tonga Room" "Fairmont Hotel San Francisco" in black on bottom. A similar mug can also be found from the Islander Restaurant in Stockton, California.

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    Islander Smiley Mug a.k.a. Kelbo's Smiling Mug

    This "smiley" mug is similar to a mug also found from Kelbo's in Los Angeles. The design is of a grinning head, the teeth are in two large, even rows. Brown glaze, with white and black painted eyes, and white & black painted dirty teeth. Concave bottom, printed "Islander Stockton Calif".

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    Trader Vic's 70th Anniversary Mug

    This mug was produced by Tiki Farm for Trader Vic's to celebrate their 70th anniversary in 2004. Mug is a hiball shape with a slight flare to the top and bottom, with black top and bottom rims, top has "Trader Vic's/Hinky Dinks" in gold letters, bottom has "70th Anniversary 1934-2004" in gold letters. Marked "Tiki Farm" on base, Made in Mexico sticker.

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    Mug Making With John Mulder Seminar Mug - from Tiki Caliente 13

    This mug was given to all who signed up (paid $65) and attended the Mug Making With John Mulder Seminar at Tiki Oasis 13, on Friday, May 13th, 2022.

    This bucket style mug was decorated with multiple smiling suns, the same that decorated the belly of the Cannibal King event mug which was also made by John Mulder.

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    Tiki Caliente 13 Cannibal King - by Doug Horne a.k.a. Tiki Caliente XIII Cannibal King - by Doug Horne

    The Tiki Caliente 13 Cannibal King mug was designed by Doug Horne and made by Eekum Bookum. It was an edition of 250 plus 5 Super Dupers sold at a later date by John Mulder.

    Measures 7.5" by 3.5" and back reads: "Tiki 13 Caliente Palm Springs". Bottom reads: "JM 142 Eekum Bookum Horne" with number in edition.

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    Rum Barrel - Teal and White - from Tonga Hut North Hollywood

    This large rum barrel holds 26 ounces and was released in two colors, teal and white and a brown/ green speckled edition. The mugs were released on March 31, 2021, along with the blue seventh edition Drooling Bastard mug at Tonga Hut in North Hollywood. This open edition was made by Munktiki and sold at the bar for $40.00.

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    Witco Decor Tahiti Bar Bowl - Brown - by Munktiki Imports - for Pleasant Tiki

    From Pleasant Tiki:

    "This official 'Witco Decor Tahiti Bar Bowl' includes; 1- WITCO DECOR TAHITI BAR BOWL (signed and numbered to 250) (1-BLACK AND WHITE WITCO CATALOG PHOTO) with Brown Bowl or (1- COLOR WITCO CATALOG PHOTO) with Ivory Bowl. Each bowl comes with (MATCHING NUMBERED ART TAG).

    This Official Witco Decor, 'Tahiti Bar', tiki mug/bowl is modeled after an original William Westenhaver design from the early 1970’s. The 'Tahiti Bar' was one of the most intricate and complex of the many bars that he designed in his 20 years as artist and president of the company. The original bar has become one of the most sought after Witco pieces. They are quite rare, as fewer were produced than other Witco bars. The 'Tahiti Bar' was the most expensive home bar that Witco Decor offered. We are so excited to be able to bring this fabulous design into creation once again. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! This ceramic tiki mug/bowl was produced by Munktiki Imports. This bowl holds 30 OZs of your favorite beverage and measures 6.50 inches tall by 8.50 inches long and 3.25 inches wide. Hand wash only."

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    Frankoma War God Prairie Green For Cultured Pearl

    This tiki mug was created by Frankoma Pottery for the Cultured Pearl in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hefty mug made of red clay with a prairie green overlay, of an angry tiki face with large teeth. In about 1971, Joniece Frank became friends with two men who were starting a small Polynesian restaurant in conjunction with an after-hours club called The Cultured Pearl. With the encouragement of her father, Joniece made a few of the old Club Trade Winds items - perhaps 25 or so of some of the smaller items. Both the restaurant and this association were very short-lived, and items with The Cultured Pearl marking are very rare.

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    Bahooka 40th Anniversary Mug Green

    This green mug was designed by Squid for Bahooka's 40th Anniversary. The tiki has round protruding eyes, a long nose that flares at the bottom and an open, square mouth with eight teeth showing. The mug has a square base.

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    Pau Meli - Avocado with Orange Interior - by SHAG - for Max's South Seas Hideaway

    From Max's website:

    "This mug was designed by California artist Shag. It’s based on an Andres Bumatay carving that can be found inside Max’s South Seas. The carving’s original home was the Village Apartments, Playa del Rey, CA, a Polynesian-themed apartment complex. Luckily, it was salvaged by collector Jordan Reichek when the apartment complex was torn down.

    This carving is now mounted on the A-frame back bar inside Max’s (see photo.)

    In our Grand Rapids ceramic studio, Max’s has produced 200 mugs in this Avocado glaze color. Each mug is numbered on the bottom and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity.

    More info about the Village Apartments:

    Located in a surprisingly welcomed proximity just over 3200 feet from the North tarmac of the Los Angeles Airport, The Polynesian Village Apartment complex was the epitome of primitive, space-age bachelor pad living for 1962. Designed again by prolific mid-century architects, Armet & Davis, the immersive environment featured a stylishly themed atmosphere, complete with 24/7 flaming gas Tiki torches and cascading lava rock waterfalls. Made in a series of three sister developments across Los Angeles county, the dingbat cubist apartment structures were adorned with redwood carvings by the renowned sculptor team of Andres Bumatay and Richard Ellis. Astonishingly, no two figures are alike and the contemporary free form nature of these rescued artifacts endure as the quintessential definition of 'Tiki-Modern'."

    This Pau Meli design was produced in three different glazes and quantities of each: Avocado & Orange (200), a Leopard glaze (100), and a Rainbow glaze (25).

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Limited edition, blue with green interior.

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    Blue Lady - Full Color Editon - by Eekum Bookum - for The Reef

    The Blue Lady is based on a 1950 painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff. It became one of the world's most popular paintings when made into a print in the 1960s and 1970s. The painting was of an unknown Chinese girl and was best known for the unusual skin tone used for her face (a blue-green color). Recently, the model for Tretchikoff's painting was found to be a then 17-year-old Monika Sing-Lee (now Monika Pon), who was then a single girl working in her uncle's laundry in Cape Town.

    This mug was released for Modernism Week 2022, in Palm Springs, at The Reef. Later that day, sold through the Eekum Bookum website.

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    Trader Vic's Waikiki Tiki Mug Brown a.k.a. Tiki Liki Mug

    This mug was created especially for the Waikiki Trader Vic's location, by Polynesian Pottery (which later became Daga). The mug has a splotchy brown glaze. Another version is brown with a white interior, and another version is white with brown details, and says "Tiki Liki".

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    Cursed Tikis Hawaiian Eye Mug

    This Tiki mug is designed after the Tiki that can be seen in the opening credits of "Hawaiian Eye", the television series which ran from 1959-1963. The original Tiki statue was part of the decor of the Hawaiian Village Hotel offices of the detective agency. This Tiki mug has slanted eyes, a long nose, an open mouth, and a small narrow neck that extends from a small circular block base.

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    Cursed Tikis Hawaiian Eye Mug Test Glaze

    This Tiki mug is designed after the Tiki that can be seen in the opening credits of "Hawaiian Eye", the television series which ran from 1959-1963. The original Tiki statue was part of the decor of the Hawaiian Village Hotel offices of the detective agency. This Tiki mug has slanted eyes, a long nose, an open mouth, and a small narrow neck that extends from a small circular block base. Test glazes of this mug vary (white, black, and possibly other colors).

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    Porcelanas Pavon Vasija 33

    Vasija 33 was manufactured by Porcelanas Pavon in Spain. The mug is yellow with identical smiling heads on both sides. Each head has arching eyebrows in black and red, closed/squinting almond shaped eyes, and a triangular sun ray type of pattern projecting around the outside of the face.

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    Pua'a Tusk Mug a.k.a. Boar's Tusk Mug

    This boar's tusk mug has a hand-painted Polynesian tattoo design and a rope-wrap at base. Measures 8.5" high and nearly 11" from base to tip by 3" wide. Each mug's glaze colors and tattoo work vary.

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    Treasure Craft Hawaii Coconut Mug

    This coconut mug from Treasure Craft has "Hawaii" in a shield on the front. Brown exterior, white interior.

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    Mainlander Tiki Mug Small a.k.a. Mainlander Witco Mug, Mainlander Fountain Mug

    This tiki mug for the Mainlander restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri takes its design from the very stylized head of a tiki fountain designed by William Westenhaver and sold through his Witco company. The mug has cold painted eyes and tongue. This is the smaller version, there is also a slightly larger version.

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    Steve Crane Coconut Mug

    This very realistic, double-walled coconut mug was designed by Steve Crane Associates. It has a brown exterior and a white interior depicting the flesh of the coconut.

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    Forbidden Island Tiki Mug - Ninth Edition - Orange

    This orange mug is manufactured by Tiki Farm for the Forbidden Island tiki bar in Alameda, CA. The tiki has large slanted eyes and a toothy grin. The mug has palm texture on the tiki's forehead and back.

    Premiered on December 15th, 2021.

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    The Modernist - Light Brown/Beige - from the Sven Kirsten Kollection - by Tiki Farm a.k.a. The Modernist Trader Vic's Edition

    This is, as the name suggests, a mug based on a very modernist version of a tiki. This tiki once stood outside the Trader Vic's in San Francisco. It has simple tear-drop shaped eyes, a long rectangular nose and a small closed mouth.

    This design, like others in partnership from Sven and Tiki Farm, was released in three different glaze colors. The first in a light beige/brown was released December 2nd at Trader Vic's in Emeryville for the first book signing ($125) hosted/produced by Eve Bergeron and Trader Vic's. The second in a light celadon green glaze was released by Tiki Farm through their website December 17th ($75). The third was released in a light yellowish beige/green glaze to be sold by Sven, himself.

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    Porcelanas Pavon Zombi

    Zombi was manufactured by Porcelanas Pavon in Spain. It is a simple yellow moai with black eyes and mouth. His nose is brown and he has brown woodgrain striping.

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    Porcelanas Pavon Thambuli

    Thambuli was manufactured by Porcelanas Pavon in Spain. The mug is brown and features a beige mask with a slim nose, an upturned red mouth and tear-shaped eyes with black and beige swirls at the center. Each eye has a dark round dot above it.

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    Lanai Earring Head Mug

    This mug is shaped like a rather asexual looking head with a serene, closed-eyed face and an ornamental collar. The head is shaped like a "V", and has two jug handle-like ears with large white-painted hoop earrings. Marked "The Lanai San Mateo California" in black on bottom. A similar mug can also be found from the Tonga Room in San Francisco.

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    King of Kapu - for The Reef

    A severed head mug sold exclusively on location at The Reef tiki bar in Palm Springs, California. The head wears a yellow pitch helmet decorated with a small tiki on front. The mug is made to look like Rory Snyder, owner of The Reef, who is also good friends with John Mulder of Eekum Bookum. The first 100 mugs of this open edition was released on October 1, 2020 and immediately sold out. A delicious libation was created for this mug by The Reef’s Cameron Robbins, called “Wildsville’s Wrong Turn”.

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    The VenTiki Sepik River Sorcerer Mug - First Edition - Green & Yellow - by BigToe

    This is a tiki head mug inspired by Sepik River Papua New Guinea mask art and features the round concentric circle eyes and large boar's tusks from those masks combined with the square-toothed mouth seen in many of BigToe's tikis. The ears have three holes punched in each one through which small braids of jute/Manila rope are tied.

    Green glaze with yellow details (tusks, eyes, and back lettering).

    The VenTiki Sepik River Sorcerer Mug release was on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 in VenTiki’s Rapa Nui Room, starting at 10 AM. Concept and artwork by BigToe. Manufactured by Munktiki Imports. Cost was $100. Big Toe was at the event to sign mugs during the release event that Sunday morning.

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    Tiki Caliente 12 Event Mug a.k.a. Tiki Caliente 12 Female Menehune Mug - for 2021, Tiki Caliente XII Event Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a female menehune standing atop a Tiki head and playing a drum. She has a flower in her hair and is wearing a flower lei.

    The menehune design was inspired by vintage United Airlines menehune statues and decanters which portray the same female character as well as an older, mustached male character.

    This mug version was designed by Doug Horne and manufactured by Eekum Bookum (John and Janet Mulder).

    NOTE: There were also a number of artist custom versions which were auctioned off at the event.

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    Drooling Bastard Jigger - Dark Blue / Black by Eekum Bookum - for Tonga Hut North Hollywood

    Based on the Drooling Bastard fountain found in Tonga Hut, North Hollywood, this is a miniature Drooling Bastard in shot glass size. The head holds one ounce and if you turn it over, two ounces in the butt.

    This limited edition of 100 jiggers sold out in about an hour at the Tonga Hut release party on June 2, 2021.

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    The Zombie Village 6 Month Anniversary Mug a.k.a. The Zombie Village 6 Month Anniversary Moai Mug

    This mug was released to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of San Francisco's The Zombie Village, which draws inspiration from the old Skipper Kent's Zombie Village that was located in Oakland, CA. The Menehune Studio with Woody Miller created these. Inspired by the skull and banyan forest by Ivan Lee Mora, and the giant moai above the bar. Release 07/08/19. The bar location is at 441 Jones St, San Francisco, California 94102.

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    The Quiet Village Podcast 100th Episode Coconut Shot Mug - by Eric October

    From the digitiki website:

    "Celebrate the 100th episode of the Quiet Village podcast with your own customized coconut shot mug. 100 will be hand sculpted individually by the talented artist Eric October. Each shot mug is a small mini coconut, perfect for a tot of your favorite grog. The front is emblazoned with "The Quiet Village Podcast" logo. The back says "100th Episode".

    BUT THE BEST PART is that you can get your mug customized with your name or your Tiki handle on it. Just list your desired name during check out."

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    Forbidden Island Tiki Mug II Brown

    This brown mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm for the Forbidden Island tiki bar in Alameda, CA. The tiki has large football-shaped eyes and a slightly menacing toothy grin. The mug has palm texture on the tiki's forehead and back. It was designed and sculpted by Danny Gallardo.

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    Sacramento 2018 Tiki Crawl Mug a.k.a. 2018 Sacramento Ohana Crawl Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a volcano and featuring two tiki faces on different sides. This year the idea for making it a volcano was offered by Jeremy Sherlock. The front tiki face was copied from a vintage cast donated by Freddie Coester. The smaller and simpler tiki head was from the actual Waikiki restaurant location (2632 Fulton Ave.) that the mug honors. Sculpted and manufactured by Wendy and Dan Cevola. Production of these mugs is well chronicled on Tiki Central.

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    Alohaland PUDCANO Mug

    A mug shaped like a volcano themed cake decorated with pineapple slices and cherries. PUDCANO is short for: Pineapple Upside Down Cake Volcano. This mug honors the epic pineapple and maraschino cherry erupting cake finale of the Charles Phoenix ALOHALAND Slide Show. Interior is glazed in "cherry filling" red. Measures 6” tall by 6” wide with a 2” opening at top.

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    Shima Ceramics Shrunken Skull Mug Lime Interior

    This skull mug was inspired by both the Ta Moko (facial and body carvings) and the Mokomokai (shrunken heads), as practiced historically by the Maori of New Zealand. Glossy lime green on the inside, white on the outside with black wipe to pick out details. Stoneware. Measures: 3 3/4" wide, 5 1/4" long, 3 3/4" tall. There is also a chrome interior edition limited to 25 pieces and a votive candle version with eye sockets and nose cut out and with orange interior (limited to 100 pieces).

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Shot size

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    Forbidden Island One Year Anniversary Skull Mug #11 a.k.a. Munktiki Forbidden Island One Year Anniversary Skull Mug

    Mstiki's description:


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    Forbidden Island 15th Anniversary Mug - Red Dress Glaze - by Tiki Shark - for Forbidden Island

    This mug features a brown standing tiki carrying a woman in a dress. The mug was designed by Tiki Shark (Brad Parker) and manufactured by Munktiki Imports. It comes in two glaze variations, including one where the woman is wearing a red dress and one where she is wearing a black dress. The back features a skull with a "15", bones, and tropical leaves.

    The mug was based on one of Tiki Shark's most admired paintings, "Forbidden Island" which in turn was based on the classic 1956 science fiction film, "Forbidden Planet". The tiki is meant to resemble the 1956 film poster's Robbie the Robot and the hula girl resembles the unconscious woman he is holding.

    *NOTE: These mugs were cast in two pieces (the main tiki as one piece and the arms of the tiki and the woman as a second piece) and then glued together after having been cast and fired. In some cases the glue did not hold, in which case Forbidden Island offered to replace the mugs, but in most cases all that was required was re-gluing the two pieces back together with a stronger glue such as Liquid Nails.

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    Forbidden Island Tiki Bar Kill Devil 2.0 Mug a.k.a. Wahoo For Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club

    This is a standing Tiki based on an old vintage carving that is on the road to Hana, Maui. He has a figure eight mouth and almond shaped eyes. This mug was made for the Forbidden Island Tiki Bar in Alameda, CA to be given out to those that are brave enough to finish their Kill Devil 2.0 Rum list. There is a regular edition of this design, called "Wahoo", and a limited edition marked for the Maui Tiki Crawl held in 2014. This mug is easily distinguished by the "2.0" pendant around its neck and the "Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club" markings on back.