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Longitude Bar & Restaurant – Oakland, California, United States

Longitude was opened by Suzanne Long in downtown Oakland in August 2014. Long had previously been bar manager at Alameda's Forbidden Island. The theme here was not strictly tiki, but rather "adventure," with a mix of African and Papua New Guinea elements, but the echoes of golden-era Tiki were still felt, especially in the drink menu.

The buildout was done by Tiki veteran Bamboo Ben. A massively long and wide monkey pod-topped bar anchored the space, while the main attraction was a large, raised African hut with seating inside. There was an upper mezzanine that overlooks the room below. A sophisticated sound system delivered a variety of jungle sound effects and exotic music. Fresh orchids and plenty of greenery added to the jungle feeling. Beautiful drawings of African animals on the menu and adorning the walls to the mezzanine were created by Long's mother.

The food menu was influenced by Africa's colonial past, with familiar British items like Bangers & Mash and Shepherd's Pie. There were plenty of the old traditional Polynesian restaurant appetizers, including a flaming pu-pu platter.

The drink menu was full of Long's own take on Tiki classics, and her own inventions. The Navy Grog could be purchased with a souvenir Longitude rocks glass, while the Black Orchid came with a real black pearl to take home.

Longitude closed on March 5, 2017. The Kon-Tiki opened in this location in November 2017.

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