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Christmas 2021

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Tiki tOny

This is a mug shaped like a tiki wearing a Santa hat and sitting on a nest of skulls.

Designed by Tiki tOny, sculpted By Thor, and produced by the team at TikiLand Trading Co.

From the TikiLand Trading website:

"This is what happens when two holidays collide in one tiki mug.

'It was the nightscare before Tikimas, and Tiki Santa sits perched on his nest of milky white skulls. He peers and keeps watch over a bubbling, brewing bowl. Steaming with minty sweet candy and spider web mummies, sizzles his cauldron of winter, dust and honey! Summer’s long fingers stretch pulling Fall toward pumpkins and spice whirling a wind into whispering white. With a twitch of his nose the spiders carefully creep in.

Tiki Santa sits stoic upon his throne of bones Patiently waiting for his diabolical draught, recalling jovial times of pine scents and snow. He whispers goodnight and all are affright!' "

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10 Feb 2022
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10 Feb 2022
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