Enchanted Orator I "The Giver" - Artist Proof AP 3

MrBitters's description:

One of six glaze test Givers by Michael; mug is labeled "Test Glaze ( c )" on the bottom. This mug is on of the few with a red tongue. Mug run was 40 orange, 20 red, 15 super carved one-offs, and 6 test glazes.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Primary colors are yellow, red and white. Tongue is red.

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Mug Design:

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Jungle Modern Ceramics

Only 6 artist proofs were created for this wood grained mug. Also produced in a limited run of 40 in orange, red (20 mugs) and a super carved and glazed one-offs (15 mugs).

Jungle Modern Ceramics describes this mug: ""The Giver"doesn't offer empty hands, but endless possibilities. Does he make all your enchanted Tiki dreams come true, or just offer a little hope in this crazy and chaotic world? Whatever his offerings mean to you, I hope they bring a smile to your face and some enchantment to your Tiki room."

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16 Jun 2020
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26 Jul 2020
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