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Kaikoa Mug - First Edition - Pantone Yellow - for Wahi Hana

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From Wahi Hana:

"Introducing the Kaikoa Mug, our latest addition to the Wahi Hana Original Tiki Mug collection! This design was created in-house and brought to life along side our friends at Tiki Farm. The classic and bold glaze texture along with the tapered shape provides a conferrable and ergonomic non-slip feel. The inside of the mug features a contrastive gloss black glaze that really pops. It also provides additional functionality when enjoying your favorite cocktails. With a 23 oz capacity, the Kaikoa provides versatility, being great for classic recipes, doubles, and some shareable cocktails."

Large open mouth tiki with sun-like rays radiating up from its large empty eyes. Back of the mug features a large sundial like map compass with the words 'Wahi Hana'. The mug is glazed in a Pantone style yellow with a black wash and has a matte finish, the interior of the mug is gloss black.