Neptune's Downfall - by Poly's Custom Shop - for Chris McKee #87

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Purchased through Shameful Tiki Room's web page

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Poly's Custom Shop

From Chris McKee's Etsy Store:

"This limited edition, vintage glaze tiki mug (125 produced & numbered) was created to honour the mythical legend called Poseidon's Downfall.

So what brought down the greatest of the sea gods? Like many mortals (and tiki aficionados), Poseidon couldn't resist that age old combination of booze 'n broads. Or in my mug creation, beautiful, buxom mermaids and strong navy rum.

Each limited edition mug also contains a new tiki cocktail recipe called the Poseidon's Downfall, a tasty concoction of dark rums, guava juice, falernum and seaweed tincture.

Each mug holds a 24 oz. drink (7 inches high, 4 inch base). Quality artist ceramics.

Mug created and commissioned by Chris McKee. Artwork and casting by Poly's Custom Shop, Vancouver, BC, Canada."

*Mug release party was held at the Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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10 Oct 2022
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10 Oct 2022
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