Jetsam Pilot - by Tiki Diablo #105

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Blue 'Pilot Light'; includes one red & one purple LED

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From Tiki Diablo:

"Pre-Order August 2020 $125.00 - Sold out **AHOY FRIENDSPRE-ORDER FOR AUGUSTCHEERS

So many people emailed us after The Aquanaut V was sold out.

We would love to make more for you but then, is it so special ? To keep it fair and fresh we will offer a new dive buddy, the Jetsam Pilot !

Based on Captain Nemo's helmet, it is also a double chamber and will have a secret feature.

He will be about the same size, a large vessel or mini bowl.

Please note* If waiting gives you the bends please don't order this awesome mug because it won't ship out until August This precious cargo will be worth the wait when it pulls into port !

Hand Made Signature Series. Made in Los Angeles, by us. No more than 250 Limit 2 please"

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20 May 2022
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28 May 2022
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