Swizzle Sticks

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    Generic, Royer, Supplier - Brown

    Designed by the creators of Tiki Quest, this swizzle stick is topped with the logo Tiki from Duke & Amy’s “Tabu Tiki Lounge”. (Information from eBay auction).

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    Hale Pele, Tiki Bar - Red / Black

    Swizzle/pick has a volcano with lava flowing to form the stem.

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    Saturn Room, Rum and Tiki Bar - Blue

    This is a swizzle marked for the Saturn Room and featuring a ringed planet Saturn at top of swizzle and a rocket at bottom.

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    Captain Mallory & Dodo Bird Swizzle - for UnderTow Tiki Bar - Brown / Tan

    A swizzle topped with Captain Mallory riding a dodo bird.

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    Jungle Bird, The, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Cream / Green

    This swizzle is marked for the Jungle Bird Tiki Bar and Restaurant in Sacramento, CA. It is the first color iteration of this design and features a parrot and bamboo.

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    Parrot Swizzle Stick - Turquoise / Green - by B-Rex

    This swizzle is made with a parrot at top and a tiki head at bottom and has a crease toward the bottom that allows it to snap and form two smaller picks.