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Swizzle Stick Design

Coco Joe's of Hawaii - Red / Silver

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Swizzle features Coco Joes's logo with Volcano and beach bum relaxing under a palm tree reading a book.

Coco Joe's was located in Punaluu, Hawaii and was a maker of lava-based and Hawaiian wood-based ("hapawood" or half-wood) resin souvenirs. The company was started in 1960 by Donald R Gallacher (a returning WWII veteran). Coco Joe's continued into the 1980s before going out of business. Gallacher was honored by the U.S. Small Business administration as the Hawaii Small Businessman of the Year in 1973 at which time he had 50 employees producing 400 designs (including jewelry and children's books, ashtrays, statues, plaques, and more).

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