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Mau-Mau Lounge, Exotic Bar - Orange

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During the British Empire's colonial occupation of Kenya, which began in 1895, a new sense of Kenyan nationalism emerged. Between 1952 and 1956, the combined Kenyan tribes— united for the first time and calling themselves the Mau Mau—launched a violent guerilla war against the occupying British forces.

In 1952, Murray Bloom who also ran the Medley Speedway constructed his 4 building apartment project at 777 Curtiss Parkway in Miami Springs, calling it Green Mansions Apartments. Each building contained 7 one and two bedroom apartments. They could be rented for as little as $45 per month. In 1957 Bloom added the Mau Mau Lounge (with a variety of tropical drinks on the cocktail menu) to the property.

Later the Rhodes Brothers would perform in the Mau Mau.

The property later became known as both the Green Mansion Hotel and Green Mansions Motel. It was the headquarters for the Baseball Players golf tournament that year when they gave free lodging to the players. Mickey Mantle and his roommate Billy Martin checked in but quickly left.

In 1958, 13 year old classmates Ken Wilde and Wallace Johnson caused quite a stir when they caught an alligator in the nearby Ludlam Canal and released it into the Green Mansions pool one night for the guests to discover the next morning.

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