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Collector Gallery

Swizzle Stick Design

Grumpy's Big Kahuna Bash, Tiki Event - Red

aka SHAG Does Grumpy's Swizzle Stick in 4 collections

Designed by SHAG for the 2022 Big Kahuna Bash at Grumpy's Bar in Roseville, MN. The event was also the final day for that Grumpy's location before it closed forever, but what a high note to go out on.

2 Tiki head designs on the front with the newer 'Grumpy's' script. Back has 'Big Kahuna Bash', 'Minneapolis' & SHAG's monogram.

Interesting side note, the Tiki design on the handle is the same as the one he had on the 'Hui Naha' mug exclusively designed for the 2021 Big Kahuna Bash.

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