Hi Tide Winter Holiday Event Tiki Mug - by Eekum Bookum #54

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Eekum Bookum

This is a mug shaped like a tiki wearing a light blue Christmas sweater and skiing down some snowy slopes with red skis.

Released February 18th at the Hi-Tide Winter Holiday Event. Co-Sponsored by Hidden Harbor, who did the opening night party.

*NOTE: There was a variant specifically for Hi-Tide's co-sponsor, Hidden Harbor, and that mug had their logo on its forehead, a teal sweater, and light green skis. This version was available on February 25th at their 7th anniversary party, for $150 each, limit one per guest, with any leftovers going up in their online shop on Monday, Feb 27. This variant was limited to 50 pieces.

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8 Mar 2023
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10 Mar 2023
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