Monster Clock - First Edition - by Elle Tiki #65

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Elle Tiki
Elle Tiki
Elle Tiki

From Elle Tiki:

"When it’s dark and eerie and creaks make you gasp

And the shadowy hand has you firmly in its grasp

When midnight is behind us, and the spooks have all the power

You'll find that you've entered the 13th hour...

This design was hand sculpted using Monster Clay.

The Monster Clock has 3 colors of underglazes. 3 coats applied by hand to ensure a full color saturation. Interior glaze effect is used with two food safe glazes, layered to add dimension with streaks/ speckles to pay homage to the memorable wallpaper seen in the haunted halls. A black wash technique was then utilized to push all the details to the forefront and bring this spooky icon to life. Finally, a clear coat was applied to protect and make this completely food safe, inside and out.

Final mug size is roughly 4 inches x 4 inches x 9.75 inches and holds a total of 26 fluid oz."

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20 Feb 2023
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20 Feb 2023
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