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Tiki Bar

Water Witch Tiki Bar

Savannah, Georgia, United States

Opened February, 2020.

The interior is notable for two large moai statues on the way to the front bar where hanging basket lights provide a warm glow. Rattan seating throughout. At least a couple of different seating areas in back, including one with bright leaf print wallpaper in peach and tan beachy tones and another with a tiki fountain and blue-painted walls with a chandelier made from netting, a puffer fish, and glass fish floats.

The name Water Witch is an homage to the Navy’s USS Water Witch that was taken by the Confederates during the Civil War. Eventually, the Water Witch was burned to prevent recapture and still remains underwater off the Savannah coast.

The bar serves classic and original tiki cocktails and does have a small food menu also, including a pupu platter.