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Tiki Bar

Undertow - at The Century Grand

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Previously at Sip Coffee & Beer Garage next door, Undertow closed their first location in December 2020 and re-opened in this larger location at The Century Grand in March 2021.

This larger space allowed Undertow to enhance the experience by adding more audio and visual effects, decorations, and a little bit more seating.

They've added six more seats to the bar, a second six-person booth, an additional two-person table, more portholes, and cinema-quality sound.

Some of the newest decorations include a new hand-carved bar by Tiki Diablo (Danny Gallardo) and "Emily," a real figurehead that was salvaged from the bow of a ship

As of October 11th, 2022, there is also a sister location in in Gilbert, Arizona.

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