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During Inuhele, seated outside which didn’t have the vibe of inside. Still had a good time. Didn’t love their Grog, did like the Mai Tai and the Fool’s Gold

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Tiki Bar

The S.O.S.

Decatur, Georgia, United States

The S.O.S. opened on November 5, 2015, in a space that had previously held Paper Plane. Like its predecessor, it is a sister to the neighboring Victory restaurant. The look of the small space is upscale tropical, with dim lights providing the bulk of the mood, and an assist from a few small hula girl lamps and strategically placed orchids. The emphasis here is on the drinks: a full menu of classics and originals. Many drinks on the menu are offered in scaled-up versions for sharing. There is a small menu of tiki-appropriate food available, like spare ribs and coconut shrimp.

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