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Tiki Bar

Mother of Pearl

New York, New York, United States (Closed)

Mother of Pearl opened in July 2015, replacing another Ravi DeRossi venture, Gin Palace.

Mother of Pearl was known for being a vegan bar with good craft cocktails but with a very (in this case literally) whitewashed sense of what the tiki aesthetic truly is.

The bar featured whitewashed tiki statues as barstools, light blue tiles, a white tin ceiling, and gauzy white curtains that called to mind a light and airy beach cottage more than a dark and brooding tiki bar.

DeRossi filed to redevelop the property and the news broke July 20th, 2020 that DeRossi would be closing Mother of Pearl to accommodate a larger Amor y Amargo. This was partly in response to the Covid crisis and DeRossi was already known for periodically changing up his venues to stay hip and trendy.

They shuttered soon after.