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Tiki Bar

Hell or High Water Tiki

Denver, Colorado, United States

Opened July 1st, 2022.

This is not what anyone would describe as your usual tiki bar.

The owners (Lexi Healy and Veronica Ramos) opened Hell or High Water Tiki a mere six months after opening their first bar (The Electric Cure in Edgewater, CO).

Lexi describes it as, "A gay pirate ship meets Land of the Lost with phallic and bird undertones."

You won't find any traditional tiki totems, however. "We don't do any tiki totems because we don't want to step on any other culture's toes, so we don't have masks and we don't have tiki mugs that are totems," Healy explains. "There are people in the tiki community that say if you don't have masks or totems, you're not tiki."

In response, Healy has commissioned a Las Vegas artist to make a "five-foot dick totem" for the new bar. "It's as tall as me," she notes.