Frankoma War God Brown Satin For Cultured Pearl

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Joniece Frank
Frankoma Pottery

This tiki mug was created by Frankoma Pottery for the Cultured Pearl in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hefty mug made of red clay with a beige glaze overlay, of an angry tiki face with large teeth. In about 1971, Joniece Frank became friends with two men who were starting a small Polynesian restaurant in conjunction with an after-hours club called The Cultured Pearl. With the encouragement of her father, Joniece made a few of the old Club Trade Winds items - perhaps 25 or so of some of the smaller items. Both the restaurant and this association were very short-lived, and items with The Cultured Pearl marking are very rare.

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10 Dec 2020
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10 Dec 2020
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