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    Jungle Bird, The, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Cream / Green

    This swizzle is marked for the Jungle Bird Tiki Bar and Restaurant in Sacramento, CA. It is the first color iteration of this design and features a parrot and bamboo.

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    Swizzle, Tiki Bar and Polynesian Restaurant - Green / Gold

    This is the first swizzle for Swizzle - a tiki bar located in Dallas, Texas. The top of the swizzle has a totem style featuring a pineapple, shrunken head and a skull. The step is designed like a rope and the bottom features a jade tile.

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    Beachcomber, The, Bar & Restaurant - Red

    The Beachcomber was a Canadian chain of elaborate Polynesian restaurants in the same vein as other popular chains like Kon-Tiki, Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's. Aside from this Edmonton location, there were also locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Victoria and Winnipeg.

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    Continental Airlines, Airline - Yellow

    This pick shows an image of a pineapple representing Continental Airlines flights to Hawaii. This is the common version of the yellow swizzle. There is also a darker yellow version.

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    Chin Tiki, Restaurant - Red

    This pick is tiki topped and the stem is more like a knife or dagger than a standard pick. Chin Tiki was opened in 1967 by Marvin Chin, who also opened Chin's Chop Suey in Livonia. Chin Tiki closed around 1980, but the space and decor have remained relatively intact, spurring periodic rumors about it reopening. Chin Tiki was featured in the Eminem movie 8 Mile; during the filming of 8 Mile, apparently much of the kitchen equipment went missing.