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Tiki Bar

Navy Strength Tropical Bar

Seattle, Washington, United States

Opened March 30th, 2017.

Navy Strength is a proto-tiki, tropical, and travel-influenced cocktail bar with a full kitchen.

Just to elaborate on ""proto-tiki" -- their decor is minimalistic without the layers of tiki carvings and art you might find at more traditional tiki establishments. They do not claim to be a tiki bar, but certainly tiki influenced. They do use tiki mugs and there are some small carvings and pieces throughout.

The ceiling and adjacent walls do have lots of variated wood planking that puts one in mind of a ship's hull, however, and looking about, you'll spot lengths and coils of ship's rope that makes it seem like you are embarking on some sort of naval voyage. A definite nautical bent as the bar's name would imply.

Their food and drink menu does rotate to some extent, to highlight different countries around the world, so depending on when you visit, you may have very different options. There does appear to be a standard cocktail menu (see below) of tiki favorites, however.

Drinks and food from 4 PM until 12 AM. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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