Marqool - Orange With Black Wash - The Classics Collection - by Tank Standing Buffalo - for Tiki Farm


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Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

This is a Marquesan style tiki mug in orange glaze with black wash. There is also a version in blue with black wash.

From the Tiki Farm website:

"Marqool is intentionally a synergy of our earliest years Tiki Farm aesthetic direction combined with our new, highly evocative, deeply saturated stain/wash glaze combinations. Marqool is a straight-up Marquesan-inspired Tiki mug. There is not much of a deviation here from what you would have expected 21-years ago from Tiki Farm in such regard. Marqool was created with my establishing the design foundation and then steering the creative direction in conjunction with our friend and longtime Tiki Farm contributing artist/designer – Tank Standing Buffalo."

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8 Feb 2022
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8 Feb 2022
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