Shrunken Head Creature - by Artifact Pottery


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Liz Dearth
Artifact Pottery
Artifact Pottery

This is a shrunken head version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Creature mugs are 5" ish tall by 5" ish wide and hold 16 oz.

This is a lidded creature with a straw hole in the lid.

Original sculpture and molded by Liz Dearth.

All are hand-painted with a mix of green underglazes and brown and yellow on the "ties" on the eyes and mouth, so some variations in surface color occur, like a watercolor painting.

After bisque firing black underglaze is painted on and wiped off the surface for a weathered patina.

A clear, food-safe glaze is hand-painted on the outside, black food-safe glaze on the inside.

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18 Jul 2022
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18 Jul 2022
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