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Asheville Yacht Club Bar – Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Opened in December 2007, this is a tiki-themed dive bar owned by Billy McKelvy and JT Black.

They have a large moai lit up in the center of the back bar wearing a coconut bra to match the Sailor Jerry's liquor store hula girl statue next to it. Wayne Coombs Florida style tiki poles line the booths in back and are painted in bright day-glow colors.

When he opened the bar, Billy McKelvy explained: “If you go to any tiki bars, it’s bamboo-and-brown tikis. We didn’t want that same old tiki thing: We’re just more rock and roll. We have an artistic, lowbrow approach.”

Beachbum Berry stopped by their bar shortly before they made their grand opening. He had just moved there at the time -- before his move to open his own bar in New Orleans. They were honored to have him, but showed little interest in taking much of his freely dispensed cocktail advice.

They do use fresh key lime juice, though, which was Berry's biggest tip -- using fresh juice.

Their menu is not a medley of tiki cocktail classics. They do have a mai-tai on their "Specialty Tiki Drinks" menu but they also list a Bloody Mary and a cocktail named for Donald Trump as tiki drinks prepared.

Despite it all, they appear to have a loyal following and have been thriving for over a dozen years.

They do have a limited food menu with smoked meat sandwiches, nachos, tacos, tater tots, etc...

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