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Matiki Bar – Wien, Austria

Matiki opened at the end of September 2017 after 4 months of construction and is the first and only tiki bar in Vienna.

The space itself is rather small, sparsely decorated, and modern-looking -- gray/white/green paint with a few cut-out wall alcoves featuring small tiki carvings and puffer fish. Accents around the room include bamboo trim and a Tahitian-patterned wood bar molding.

A few potted ferns hang in the windows.

The focus is more on the bar and drinks. The back bar displays a lot more than just rum with hundreds of spirit bottles ranging from Ardberg scotch to Don Julio tequila, so there should be a range for all tastes. Their cocktail program has received wide acclaim.

They also sculpt and manufacture their own custom tiki mugs for sale -- available online through a separate website below.

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