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Tiki Mug Design

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Tiki Mug Short In Brown & Aqua Blue

aka Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Mauna Loa Mug - First Edition - In Brown & Aqua Blue in 11 collections

This was mug was manufactured for Walt Disney's Polynesian Village Resort in Disney World, Florida. The mug is aqua blue and features a stylized Papua New Guinea Mask head with circular eyes and a long tongue hanging down out of a square-toothed smile. Exterior around the mask head has a chisel-mark look. Similar designs in the past have been termed "Mauna Loa" because this PNG mask was used on the Mauna Loa Detroit's menu cover. Glossy brown rim at both top and bottom. This mug was also made in a tan with brown rims version as well.

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