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Distinguishing Characteristics

TikiRob's Abelam Skull Mask Mug with Halloween "Oogie Boogie" featured. Only one offered like this in 2022.


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Tiki Mug Design

PNG Abelam Skull Mask Mug - Limited Edition - by Tiki Rob

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This mug features a riff on the popular Abelam Mask Mug, originated in Papua New Guinea's Sepik River region, and made famous as the logo for Trader Vic's. This version has the repeated triangles around the oval mask and the brow line ridge over the upper eyes, but has replaced the center with a skull.

These were designed in anticipation for Halloween 2022 sales.

This mug is one in a series of mugs by Rob with natives (Menehunes) holding masks in front of their faces. These were glazed in a variety of color combinations.

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