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Tiki Mug Design

Appleton Estate 2011 Captain Seamus Tiki Mug

aka Appleton Estate Australian Promo Mug 2011 in 40 collections

Captain Seamus is Tiki Farm's 4th design with Appleton Estate, Australia. It was conceived in a national “Tiki design” competition ultimately won by Perth based Pete Long, mixologist at the Hula Bula Bar. This concept was taken further and design was completed by Big Toe. The mug features a full-body Ku dressed in a pirate outfit with prominent skull & crossbones on the hat, and wielding a cutlas. Hand-wiped satin black over natural (beige) glaze. "Appleton Estate Since 1749 Jamaica Rum" printed on red scroll at bottom front. 150 pieces limited release in the USA, but more in Australia.

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