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The Cannibal Bowl - First Edition - Blue Exterior with Orange Interior - by Bosko - for False Idol

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This bowl is supported by three tiki figures that show the progressive Tahitian Cannibal motif (hunter, catcher, digestor). The interior features a skull stack that acts as a volcano reservoir to light on fire (using overproof rum, or lemon or lime extract).

From Bosko's website:

The Cannibal Bowl, a ceramic piece Bosko designed for False Idol, we’re selling this color version of 40 only. This bowl required two separate molds, four glaze colors, three firings, a genuine pain thus the low numbered edition. The glaze is a variable blue with slight orange / yellow undertones, Inside is a bright Orange, the skull stack inside is a blueish white. Red inside the cup. Stands about 5 inches tall x 10"x 10".

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