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Beltran Ferri serves excellent tiki cocktails with some interesting riffs; a Dry Tai..a martini style version of a Mai Tai was true to the flavor profile and delicious

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Tiki Bar

Collage Cocktail Bar

Barcelona, Spain

Opened in 2012. This is a rum and craft cocktail bar that makes, by all accounts, fantastic tiki cocktails.

Though the interior design is not tilted as heavily toward tiki aesthetics as some of its more immersive cousins, they do have tiki decor, including several small tikis behind the back bar, tropical fern wallpaper in areas, and vintage prints that often find themselves inhabiting both home and commercial tiki bars -- such as Vladimir Tretchikoff's Green Lady (a.k.a. Chinese Girl) in the lounge and J. H. Lynch's Tina (1964) by the front bar.

They also serve drinks in tiki mugs and glassware and have several collectible mugs on display in their cabinets.

From Collage:

"Since its foundation in 2012, in the Born district of Barcelona, ​​the Collage cocktail bar has opted for signature creations. Creativity, research and respect for raw materials are the pillars on which we base our work. Always looking for new techniques, flavors and ingredients to provide a unique experience. We are specialized in rum and our sources of inspiration are in classic cocktails, in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and in the Tiki universe.

In our Born Cocktail Bar we have a curated selection of almost two hundred rums of different origins and styles. We travel around the world looking for old treasures hidden in bottles and barrels of rum. We have achieved a collection of Rums that could almost be a museum. We value unique collection pieces and limited editions. Let yourself be guided by our team of bartenders who are passionate about rum, if you want to travel through this wonderful world."

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