Suffering Banana - Ripe - by VanTiki - for Hidden Harbor


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Hidden Harbor

From Hidden Harbor:

"We’re stoked to introduce our new “Suffering Banana” mug, lovingly hand-crafted in Eugene, Oregon by the immensely talented VanTiki. A bushel of 150 of these beauties were picked for our big 6th Anniversary Party next Saturday, each of them hand-numbered, with a Chiquita-inspired “sticker” fired into the mug itself (Henrik’s genius idea, with logo assist by Scott Sugiuchi).

Thanks to the glaze wizardry of VanTiki, our bushel of banana mugs includes a few under-ripe and over-ripe ones. Ten of each, in fact, randomly interspersed among the run of 150. You won’t actually know if you’ve gotten one until you open the box, but that’s part of the fun!

Here are the details. We’ll be releasing the first 100 mugs at our 6th Anniversary Party next Saturday when we open at 5:00 p.m., $185 each, strict limit of one per guest. If you pull a rare ripeness at the party and prefer the yellow, we’ll allow an exchange, but not vice versa.

Then, on Monday, February 14, we’ll be listing the remaining 50 mugs and any leftovers in our online shop, $225 each, limit one per person and household, with our usual anti-flipping policy in effect."

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28 Aug 2022
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28 Aug 2022
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