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    La Mariana Sailing Club Hana Hou Tiki Mug - Artist Proof - by Gecko

    This mug is shaped like a standing tiki on a raised base with triangular repeated border designs around the base. The tiki has a relatively long body with a small head, almond shaped eyes, a v-shaped brow, long mouth with exposed teeth, and hands held on stomach.

    20 Artist Proofs were made of this Hana Hou mug celebrating the extension of La Mariana's lease for another 20 years.

    It is based on a smaller carving on site at La Mariana.

    Sold on premises, starting in October 2019, for $200 release price. Came with hang tag and a matching brown swizzle stick.

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    La Mariana Sharp-Toothed Ku Mug in Crackle Green with Hibiscus Flower

    This ku head mug has a large open mouth lined with many small, sharply pointed teeth. It has a small nose and slanted, almond-shaped eyes. Hibiscus flower behind one ear. Regular edition done in brown or green and limited edition of 50 with more glaze detail. Custom versions also made. This is a limited edition in Crackle Green with Hibiscus flower.

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    La Mariana Glass Float Mug Green

    This fish float shaped mug was designed by Gecko, sculpted by Squid, and manufactured by Gecko'z South Sea Arts. It has a lid with straw hole. Features a molded raised puffer fish design on one side and "La Mariana" in the La Mariana logo on the opposite side. This version was preceded by other versions of this design. There is a blue and a red version of this design for La Mariana as well.

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    La Mariana Kava Kava Bowl Blue a.k.a. Gecko Kava Kava Bowl

    This blue bowl was designed by Gecko for La Mariana Sailing Club in Honolulu, HI. It featured the head of the Kava Kava man on the front and the La Mariana logo on the back.