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Tiki Mug Design

Oceanic Arts Marquesan Tribute Mug - Fire Edition - by Tiki Diablo

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This is a mug shaped like a Marquesan tiki holding a smaller Marquesan Tiki head. Based off the Oceanic Arts carving.

A version of this design was sold in several color-ways in 2012, without the round pedestal base and opening/closing dates for OA.

From Tiki Diablo:

"This mug is bittersweet.

Remember the OG's

Only one each, per colorway per person, please - so 2 max ? I must ask you don't give me extra admin to manually refund, thank you! Use the drop-down menu for color options.

Total 2023 (last) series 100 Lagoon 100 Fire 100 Last color way, not available yet 45 Brown to OA And then the molds are done!

Hand made by us and imperfect, as our we."

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