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Tiki Bar

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

This classic Hawaiian hotel with striking views of Diamond Head near the beach of Waikiki was built in 1955 by famed American industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, and was originally named Kaiser's Hawaiian Village. The property began with a few buildings, but rapidly expanded, with soaring towers eventually contributing to Waikiki's skyline. The Rainbow Tower in particular is a local landmark. Kaiser also built a nearby geodesic dome auditorium, the Kaiser Aluminum Dome, where some Exotica classics were recorded. Martin Denny played regularly in the Shell Bar, and for a couple of years Arthur Lyman played here with him. Hilton purchased the hotel in 1961, and still owns it today.

There is currently no tiki bar here, but you can get tropical cocktails at the Tropics Bar & Grill.

*Original Cocktail Menu shown below.

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