The Unholy Diver - Undead Edition - Blue & Green - by Anthony Carpenter - for the Atomic Tiki Bazaar


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Mug Design:

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From Max's:

"Designed by artist Anthony Carpenter, this mug is one of the most detailed we’ve ever done in the Max’s ceramic studio. Look closely — the detail in the sculpt is incredible. We tested a lot of different glazes before settling on this one.

The name of the mug is a reference to rock and roll singer Ronnie James Dio’s 1983 album Holy Diver. The song 'Rainbow in the Dark' from that album which was an MTV/rock radio hit at the time."

This is a mug shaped like a skeleton in an old-fashioned dive suit. Eels and fish and plant live have grown up around him. A driftwood plaque in front reads "Max's South Seas Hideaway". The reverse features a Marquesan style tiki. Glazed in a blue glaze, with green in the recesses to show off the sculpt. Limited to 40 pieces and issued for the Atomic Tiki Bazaar on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

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14 Nov 2022
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14 Nov 2022
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