Atom Bob Mug - Coxswain & Dunsel

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'Blue China 2' - Blue China pattern transfer glaze on a white base. Has the print on the lid

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Coxswain Dunsel
Coxswain Dunsel
Coxswain Dunsel

This mug was designed and produced by Coxswain Dunsel in Houston, Texas. It has the face of 'Tiki Bob', and is shaped like an old bomb. It has a lid that has either one or two straw holes.

The first run of 19 mugs was released for sale on October 3rd, 2020. There were 19 sold, and had several different glaze variations: 'Army Green with Nuclear Symbol Lid', 'Army Green with Nuclear Symbol (Grimy Face), 'Atomic Yellow', 'Nuclear Fission Yellow', 'Magma Slag', 'Army Green with One Straw Hole', 'Rusted Army Green', 'Atomic Yellow (Minor Flaws), 'Woodgrain', 'Rusted Atomic Yellow', 'Blue China 1' , 'Blue China 2', 'Fire & Water Black China (Minor Crack), and 'Nuclear Orange'.

They sold for $175 to $275 depending on the glazing.

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12 Oct 2020
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12 Oct 2020
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