Beachcomber Monkey Mug - by Tiki tOny - for Tikiland Trading Company


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Mug Design:

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Tiki tOny
The Shrunken Monkey, THOR

From Tikiland Trading Company:

"Beachcomber Monkey was a happy little guy who wore many hats on his many adventures searching for that perfect treasure! Somedays he was searching ingredients for his perfect cocktail, while other days the treasures just found him on his meanderings.

You see, Beachcomber monkey never had a plan, just positive free spirit that guided his daily routine! When I get caught up in my daily grind, I try to remember, live like the Beachcomber Monkey, have fun, and watch the treasures come to you. Often enough, if we keep our eyes peeled like bananas, we will find we already have the treasures others are searching for! We can’t all go without clothes like our little monkey friend, so the next best thing is an aloha shirt to remind us to take it easy!

This ceramic tiki mug is was designed by Tiki tOny, sculpted by Thor, and is our first mug that we've had manufactured by The Shrunken Monkey!"

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8 Nov 2022
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8 Nov 2022
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